Warranty Policy

Bluedge product are warranted against defects in workmanship when subjected to normal usage for the product, and drives returned to Bluedge will be repaired or replaced if broken at our sole discretion. Product will be repaired when possible but such repairs will normally be limited to replacement of electronics when possible. Duplication of company specific logos or names or images may not be possible but we will make every effort to do so. Your order is our top priority.

For USB Flash Drive no specific or implied warranty applies to data stored on the drive either prior to original shipment (preloads) or after the drive has been distributed to end users. Bluedge is not responsible for any real or consequential damages caused by any program or data stored on any drive.

Cancellations, Replacements, Customer Service

Once your order has been printed, no further modifications or additions can be made to the graphics. Please make sure that you examine and proofread all the documents you submit to us before placing your order.If there is an issue with your order for any reason, we will make every effort to replace, fix, or refund your order. If you are not happy, neither are we.Any question about any product or order should be directed first to your sales representative. They will be able to help you as they best know your order.

If you don't remember your specific salesperson, please call us at +6012-221 1559 and we will route your call to the right party to help you.

Warranty Period

Product Warranty Period
USB Flash Drive 24 Months
Power Bank 12 Months
Wireless Mouse 3 Months
Bluetooth Speaker 6 Months
TWS Earbuds 6 Months
Universal Adapter 12 Months
USB Cable 1 Months
Bluetooth Headphone 6 Months
Wireless Charger 6 Months
Luggage Scale 1 Months
Digital Travel Clock 1 Months
Air Humidifier 3 Months

*Warranty start from delivery date